Ivanna is one of the first Executive Coaches in this ground-breaking field to put together a mastermind on this topic. This elite group is designed to meet monthly via online sessions with the objective to share collective intelligence, to brainstorm ideas, help challenge each other, set goals and hold each other accountable.    
  • Control Your Train of Thought – Direct Your Thinking
  • Achieving Cognizant Maximization
  • Maintain the Emotional Scope
  • How the Brain Dominates Challenges
  • Expanding Brain Resilience
  • Cultivating Proficient Sustainability
  • The Brain Resolve Mindset
  • Optimizing Your Mindset
  • Transforming Your Relationship Potential
  • Mandating Effective Initiatives and Objectives
  • Perfecting the Mastery of Negotiations
  • Optimal Brain Centric Techniques
  • Ownership of Your Daily Framework
  • Your Brain’s Effect on Your Future
  • Disc Training: Authenticating Your Behavioral Style


Everyone has something that makes them unique & special. Make it your mission to find the courage to claim your uniqueness.