Ivanna’s Corporate Seminars and Workshops consist of in-depth specific topics that provide the scientific insights necessary to teach each individual how to maximize their brain power in order to reach organizational peak performance.
  • Pre-seminar strategy session
  • Preparation of personalized messaging for your audience
  • Production of presentation (slides if applicable)
  • In person or online presentation and Q&A
  • Note: travel and expenses are not included
  • Control Your Train of Thought – Direct Your Thinking
  • Achieving Cognizant Maximization
  • Maintain the Emotional Scope
  • How the Brain Dominates Challenges
  • Expanding Brain Resilience
  • Cultivating Proficient Sustainability
  • The Brain Resolve Mindset
  • Optimizing Your Mindset
  • Transforming Your Relationship Potential
  • Mandating Effective Initiatives and Objectives
  • Perfecting the Mastery of Negotiations
  • Optimal Brain Centric Techniques
  • Ownership of Your Daily Framework
  • Your Brain’s Effect on Your Future
  • Disc Training: Authenticating Your Behavioral Style
  • Driving Forces: Authenticating Your Purpose


Everyone has something that makes them unique & special. Make it your mission to find the courage to claim your uniqueness.