The Corporate Power Lunches consists of quick “bites” of coaching that provide, actionable, tactical and practical tools for you and your team so you can achieve traction against your strategy and corporate goals.
  • Pre-Power lunch strategy session
  • Preparation of personalized messaging for your audience
  • Production of presentation (slides if applicable)
  • In person or online presentation and Q&A
  • Post-Power Lunch debrief
  • Sessions are held one to two times per month
  • Note: travel and expenses are not included
  • Control Your Train of Thought – Direct Your Thinking
  • Achieving Cognizant Maximization
  • Maintain the Emotional Scope
  • How the Brain Dominates Challenges
  • Expanding Brain Resilience
  • Cultivating Proficient Sustainability
  • The Brain Resolve Mindset
  • Optimizing Your Mindset
  • Transforming Your Relationship Potential
  • Mandating Effective Initiatives and Objectives
  • Perfecting the Mastery of Negotiations
  • Optimal Brain Centric Techniques
  • Ownership of Your Daily Framework
  • Your Brain’s Effect on Your Future
  • Disc Training: Authenticating Your Behavioral Style
  • Driving Forces: Authenticating Your Purpose


Everyone has something that makes them unique & special. Make it your mission to find the courage to claim your uniqueness.